International Association of Infant Massage

The International Association of Infant Massage was established in 1986 when Audery Downes and Vimala McClure teamed up and wrote the first professional parent-baby course in baby massage. Since Vimala’s first trip to Mother Teresa’s baby hospital in Calcutta, India in 1976 where she learnt the massage from the women at the orphanage the classes have gathered interest within the medical profession, with parents and the media world wide, becoming international in 1986. Today, in 2013 the IAIM is represented in 54 countries and growing rapidly.

In a time of fast paced living touch has become a novelty, something which we book in to have done. The IAIM promote nurturing touch and communication as the basis for a healthy society and continues to give this message nearly 30 years on.

In 2002 Baby Massage Ireland was established as a not for profit organisation and continues to be run by a board of volunteers committed to research and education which it provides for parents and their newborns with healthy communication at the core.


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