Kirsty Hawthorn

After living in a few different countries returning to the Western world and getting into the swing of things proved harder than first imagined. The women in the villages of Sub-Saharan Africa with their warmth, community living and  attitudes had affected me deeply. I was struck by how the women carried and fed their babies, how they used herbs and massaged and sang to their young quite instinctually. When returning to Ireland I knew that the working segment of my life needed to be centered around parents, babies and the intimacy which is created through close bodily contact.

In 2001 I followed my nose on touch and trained in various disciplines of touch which blend East and Western philosophies. My love for  learning, literature, writing and social dynamics led me onto study English and Sociology and with interest I love to see how the digital and world of touch are merging.

Although taking on different forms, touch has never been too far away from my life. The power of positive, nurturing touch and the benefits it brings has been researched widely (Dr Tiffany Field) and of great importance to us as human beings. I am interested in how the digital world affects intimacy and touch relations.


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